How to Compete with a Large Apartment Finder

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Real estate agents who also operate as apartment finders are in one or the more competitive online industries.  It’s not finding the property that caters to the renter that is so difficult. In fact, that is the easy part. The struggle is acquiring clients.

Renters are using their phones, tablets and computers to search for apartments today.  If you are set on competing with the likes of the large apartment guide sites online, here are a few tips you can use to get a leg up on the competition.

Offer Specials not Apartment Names

Local rental sites should steer away from offering the apartment names and addresses. There are plenty of websites that offer this information and chances are users won’t call you for that information anyways.

But one item that a vast majority of renters want to know about today are apartment rental specials. Who doesn’t want free or reduced rents, or administration fees and deposits that are waived? Instead of publishing the apartment names, publish an apartment special. You will be amazed at the type of response rate you will receive. Do offer plenty of photos and feel free to list amenities and other stats about the community.  Just be sure not to let the user know the name of the property until you have had the chance to speak or email them.

Want to get in front of your customers immediately.  Google Adwords offers just that. It’s super easy to sign up for an account. In fact, you can actually call Google and speak with a representative. They will assist you in setting up campaigns completely free. Years ago this was not possible. Many companies exist which do just that. For a fee, they will set up your advertising campaigns on adwords.  These fees can certainly add up. But for the novice users, contacting Google is a no brainer.

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advertise on instagram

Get on Instagram

What if we told you that there are apartment finders who use Instagram as one of their main sources of acquiring clients. We aren’t going to get in the details of how to implement this strategy. But just know that it is possible and it can generate a significant amount of revenue for you. Instagram is a site that is just a huge collection of photos. Users can post specials and lots of detailed photos of apartment complexes. But the trick here is to have enough followers that word gets around.

This advertising might be similar to word of mouth. It gets passed around and if you offer enough value, you will be amazed at the type of following that is possible.

cash back
offer cash back

Offer an Additional Incentive

Still your efforts might not be enough. Our experts recommend that you offer a small “prize” that your customers desire. For anyone, this is usually cash, or for a would-be renter, it could be a free move.  Some apartment finders will team up with moving companies. In fact, many customers will seek you out just for this. When a customer finds out they can get something of value for free, it can make the entire sales process that much easier for you.

Remember in any competitive environment, it’s recommended that you offer something of additional value to get a customers attention. Aim to do more. In the rental market there are many methods that can be employed. This rental site offers apartments for rent Edmonton, including additional limited time specials. This is just one method that can be employed to compete against larger sites that simply offer generic information.