5 Tips to Sublease Your Seattle Rental

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sublet apartment
tips for subletting an apartment

Whether you are moving to another part of the city or you found a new job that requires you leave town, you are still responsible for the terms of the Seattle apartment home that you just signed. So what are your options?

If you are in the military or in a branch of the government you should review your lease. It’s possible that there is a clause that will allow you to exit the lease without any fees.  But if not, then you might consider subletting the apartment home. Here are 5 tips to sublease your Seattle rental in Washington. 

List Your Rental on Facebook Marketplace

This is just the first step. You want to advertise your apartment in every periodical and online rental marketplace you can. The more people viewing your listing, the higher the chance you will be able to lease it out. Be sure and provide a lot of photos and a great description. Facebook and Craigslist have great rental sections. Sometimes you can even list your rental on Zillow or even Apartments.com. Our experts recommend using Facebook to sublet your Seattle apartment. Get information on how to vet potential tenants

Use an Apartment Locator

Turn to a professional it suits you. You might contact an apartment finder in your city. For a fee that will attempt to find a renter who is looking for a space likes yours, in the location and price range.  

They will also charge you a fee for this. Depending on the length of the lease, it might be anywhere from 50-100%. Be sure and negotiate with them when the fee is due. You want to make sure the renter pays one or 2 months rent,  before you release the fee to the locator. 

Make Sure the Space is Clean

When a potential customer views your space, be sure it’s super clean. You don’t want to turn them off by having a dirty apartment. They probably are touring a few different rental options, and you don’t want to give them a reason to cross yours off the list. 

Kitchen counters and bathrooms need to be spotless. Carpets need to be vacuumed. Just think if it was you touring the home. 

If you don’t like cleaning you could hire a maid service to come by and tidy things up for you. 

Fill out the Paperwork Correctly

You need to have the proper subletting paperwork for this process, and make sure it’s filled out properly. You might ask your landlord or apartment manager if they have the documents on hand. You will need the following from the renter. 

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Employer
  •  Social Security Number
Requirements of a Sublease Contract   
Nameget the names of the sublessor and subtenant
Addressthe full address should be listed
Occupancyhow many people can live in the apartment
Lease TermsDuration in days. Pleas list 1st and last day.
RentHow much is rent, when is it due, what about utilities
Depositsthe amount of the security deposit and when it is returned
signaturesdon't forget to get the signature

This is something that you don’t want to leave to chance. You will be binding the renter in a contract. If you make an error, there could be drastic consequences. 

Just Pay the Penalty

All rental contracts should have a provision that allows you to move out early. From our experience, it’s usually about 2 months rent. If you are moving for a new job, they may, in fact, pay your relocation expenses which might include this penalty. Subletting is not an easy process. It takes time to find a tenant, verify the credit and income, and start collecting rent. Remember you are competing against other apartment management companies and landlords that do this for a living.

When you are ready to find your next rental these people over here make it very easy. They tell you when to search and how to search for your next residence.