Best Downtown Seattle Apartments for Rent

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Seattle comes across as the perfect example of the revitalization currently occurring in many of the nation’s largest cities brought about by the digital revolution in connection with global markets. The city is growing at a pace that seems to be too quick for many of its inhabitants to keep pace with.  And there are some awesome Downtown Seattle apartments and other buildings that appear in movies such as Sleepless in Seattle.

Just recently, Seattle saw an addition of about 220,000 new jobs which is about 15%. Amazon is headquartered here and employs some 400,000 people too. As of today, 31 Fortune 500 companies now have their research and engineering hub in this city that was home to only seven of those as of 2010.

The city’s growth is quite explosive. You’ll find construction cranes in here more than you’ll see in any other city in the country. About 60 people move in every day, some of which are educated individuals coming to explore the range of opportunities on offer.  Renters looking for their next pad need not look far to find a free Seattle apartment finder to assist them with their new dwelling.

Famous Filming Locations You See in Movies 

Seattle has had it’s on share of movies that surely will resonate with you. Sleepless in Seattle features stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. One of the major filming scenes took place at the Arctic Club in Downtown Seattle. The Ring also was shot in Washington State in 2002. One of the characters named Rachel lived in the downtown area.

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Top Downtown Seattle ApartmentsAddressPhone Number
Centennial Tower and Court Apartments2515 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121(206) 443-9300
Viktoria Apartments1915 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98101(206) 728-1915
Premiere On Pine1525 9th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101(866) 274-3152
Avanti Apartments1401 Boren Ave, Seattle, WA 98101(206) 317-7252
Met Tower Apartments1942 Westlake Ave, Seattle, WA 98101(206) 256-0500
The Post Apartments888 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98104(206) 467-7678

Surprising Seattle Problems

Amidst this rapid development and unprecedented success, the city is battling a host of problems that are usually expected when a growth like it is seen here seems too much than the community can really handle. There is that traffic congestion issue, a homelessness crisis as well as a Seattle housing affordability problem which has seen some of both low and middle-income earners displaced from their homes.

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Top Neighborhoods for Temporary Residences and Townhomes

There are many reasons you may want to consider a move to the Seattle. Whether it comes down to work commitments or just about any other thing; you’ll want to know which neighborhood best suits you.  While there are a lot of places that remind us of Dallas TX apartments you can view here, courtesy of Rentkidz, and incredible homes with water views, you may want to consider, Queen Anne, Ballard, West Seattle, Capitol Hill, and Madison Park, which seem to be the best Seattle neighborhoods in this area.

The Capitol Hill neighborhoods have as many affordable Seattle rentals as it does family mansions. The West Seattle neighborhoods appeal mostly to the younger generation. In there, you’ll still find reasonably-sized homes at affordable prices. Madison Park is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city as well as the Queen Anne neighborhoods. These are no doubt the top communities as far as Seattle is concerned.

The price of an average home in Seattle, at about $400,000 is almost twice the US average. Monthly rent is at an average of about $1200 each month. Houses for rent in Seattle should be approached in in a slightly different manner than you might Seattle apts. Many times you can deal directly with the homeowner which provides its on set of advantages. 

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Budgeting for Downtown Rentals

Seattle has been a place where you can expect higher rental rates. But just when you think things won’t change, they do. For the first time in a very long time, apartment rates in Seattle are dropping.  Renter’s are actually saving about $50 per month. Depending on which part of the county your renting, expect 1 bedroom homes to fetch between $1020 to $1647.  But the falling rates are welcomed by many Seattle renters. If you’re moving on your own, then be sure and check out potential studio apartment opportunities and subletting opportunities.

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us an apartment finder for great spaces like this one

Get Help From a Seattle Apartment Finder 

Don’t have the time to search or simply don’t want to put too much effort into finding your next pad. Consider using a Seattle apartment finder. Services like these exist to make your life easier. These agents have access to data that includes rental rates and specials that would take you time to find. With so many properties to select, contact an agent who can assist you. Don’t rule out all the options. Seattle condos and lofts present yet more housing alternatives. 

The Seattle Economic Outlook

It’s is home to some of the world’s largest tech companies and you can picture what effect this would have on the economy. The 31 Fortune 500 companies here bring in a lot of money. This, of course, has contributed to the upward movement of housing and living costs as well as further increasing the socio-economic divide within inhabitants of the city.

The average Seattleite makes more income than their American counterparts, but still has to contend with an excessively high cost of living in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the country. On the other hand, in terms of economic growth and employment opportunities, only a few other cities of the world can boast of coming close to what Seattle is currently witnessing.

In a discussion with Ronald Brownstein, Tim Burgess, acting Seattle city mayor in reference to the rapid Seattle economic growth and its accompanying ills said;

I’d much rather be in the position we are today where we have economic growth and [are] thriving economically than the opposite of that. What’s important for the city government is to make sure we are addressing … the built-in injustices when that economic growth happens, because we know that some [people] are left behind in that situation(R).

Top Rated Seattle Breweries in Random Order

  1. Elysian Brewing Company
  2. Pike Brewing
  3. Stoup Brewing
  4. Machine House Brewing
  5. Freemont Brewing
  6. Old Stove Brewing Company
  7. Urban Family Brewing
  8. Rueben’s Brews
Biggest Seattle EmployersEmployees 
Microsoft42, 000
Joint Base Lewis-McChord56,000
University of Washington25, 000

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Top Companies & Employers in Seattle, WA

The city is home to several Fortune 500 companies which have been the driving force in making the real estate market here one of the hottest all over the country. Employers in Seattle pay high wages and thus renters are can afford to choose luxury Seattle crash pads. But just who are the top employers in Seattle?

    • Boeing comes in as number one since it employs some 80,000 Seattleites
    • Joint Base Lewis McChord has about 56,000 Seattleites on its payroll coming in as second
    • Microsoft launched the Seattle tech boom and today has about 42,000 employees on its payroll
    • The University of Washington employs some 25,000 people working in its largest campus
    • Amazon equally has some 25,000 people working for it here
    • Walmart, as well as Providence Health & Services each,  have about 20,000 workers here
    • Weyerhauser’s popularity has waned but is still a major employer with about 10,000 workers

Fred Meyer’s 15,000 employees work in the northwest grocery chain, and

  • The King County Government has about 13,000 employees from elected officials to civil servants

The city is developing at a very fast pace. The digital revolution is strongest here and the inflow of residents among other things has contributed to making the city one of the most sought-after neighborhoods across the United States. As impressive as this economic growth is, there’s no doubt that a lot needs to be done to remedy the crisis in the housing sector. An apartment locator Seattle will have plenty of apartment listings as well as private condos that can help ease your burden in selecting a new accommodation With all of that aside, you’ll no doubt enjoy life in the Rain City.


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